Remember To Walk With Your Vaccine Card

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment announces that two additional public vaccination centers will open on Monday through to Wednesday this week (Monday 31st May to Wednesday 2nd June) offering the 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. These vaccination centers are located at the St. Mary’s Hall commonly known as the Tyrells Roman Catholic Church Hall on the All-Saints Road and the Jennings Primary School Auditorium. The four (4) public vaccination centers located at the Glanvilles Polyclinic, the Villa Polyclinic, the Precision Center, and the Multipurpose Cultural; and Exhibition Center will remain open taking the number of operating vaccination centers to six (6). The operating hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Persons receiving their second dose are reminded to present their vaccine card on arrival at the centers.

Persons who received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the Jennings Primary School could return to the school’s auditorium and those who received theirs at the All-Saints Secondary School could go to the St. Mary’s Hall commonly known as the Tyrells Roman Catholic Church Hall or their preferred site. Persons desiring the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are welcome to also utilize the new centers or any vaccination site convenient to them.

This week vaccination teams will also be visiting the Medical Benefits Scheme and the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority to inoculate their staff. The second dose inoculation of teachers and staff of the Ministry of Education will continue this upcoming weekend, June 5th and 6th.To date, several target groups have received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to include uniformed bodies, teachers, Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority, Antigua Public Utilities Authority, Social Security, Inland Revenue, and the Financial Services Regulatory Commission.

As of Sunday, 30th May a total, 33,229 persons have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 15,531 have received the second dose.

The Ministry of Health is encouraging persons to avail themselves of both the first and second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ministry of Health Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Data Collection Exercise

The Ministry of Health, Wellness & The Environment has intensified its data collection exercise from persons who would have been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine (AstraZeneca).  The Ministry is aware of the likelihood that persons having received the vaccine may experience some side effects, which are a part of any vaccine administration. 

The Ministry is therefore advising the public that a group of individuals has been tasked with contacting persons who have been vaccinated via telephone to collect this information.  It is important to note that data collection post vaccination has been an ongoing exercise with the assistance of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (WHO/PAHO) through which the Ministry of Health and by extension the government procures all vaccines used in the Expanded Program on Immunization.

The data collected will be analysed by the Ministry of Health and shared with the public.  The findings from the analysed data will also be periodically shared with regional and international public health partners including the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization PAHO/WHO .

If you had any concerning vaccination symptoms following your COVID-19 vaccine, speak with your physician or call the COVID-19 hotline at 462-6843 weekdays only, to report your reaction and to seek guidance.

COVID-19 Second Dose Officially Commences with Front Line Workers

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment is pleased to announce the official rollout of the second dose administration of the COVID-19 vaccination for the public. 

Leading the charge will be the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rhonda Sealy-Thomas, along with Principle Nursing Officer, Sister Margaret Smith, Medical Director of the Mount St. John’s Medical Center (MSJMC), Dr. Albert Duncan, and healthcare workers at the MSJMC, in live coverage of their vaccination process on Wednesday 12th May 2021 from 10 AM. 

Subsequent to administering the second dose to healthcare workers, Members of the Cabinet will receive their second dose on Thursday 13th May 2021 at the Office of the Prime Minister, Queen Elizabeth Highway. Retired parliamentarians will also receive their second dose at Parliament Building on Saturday, 15th May 2021. 

Health officials are reminding members of the public that it is important to obtain the second dose to increase the efficacy of the vaccine and boost protection against COVID-19. The COVID-19 vaccine prevents serious illness, hospitalization, and death.

The general public is asked to pay attention to dates given within their vaccination card for their second dose. They are invited to return to the centers where they received their first dose. For persons who received their first dose at the Sir Novelle Richards Academy, they can receive their second dose at the Precision Center, Paynters. The other vaccination sites are located at the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre, the Glanvilles Polyclinic, and the Villa Polyclinic. 

First dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will still be administered at all vaccination centers.

A subsequent announcement will be made for the second dose schedule for uniformed bodies and targeted groups. 


Article taken from Point Xpress:

The second phase of the vaccine roll-out programme was launched Tuesday, with four public vaccine centers opening their doors to the general public for free COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccines. The public vaccination programme is said to be the most significant public health response in the fight against COVID-19. Since the start of the vaccination programme, approximately twenty-seven thousand and thirty-two people have received their first shot of AstraZeneca vaccine, with another five hundred and fifty-four people vaccinated on the first day of phase two.

These five hundred and fifty-four people who received their first shot on Tuesday represented individuals from all walks of life. According to vaccine site managers, “Tuesday’s exercise is reminiscent of what we experienced during the initial vaccine process last month, persons turned up slowly; however, we expect more persons in the coming days as they become aware of what’s taking place.” The site managers went on to explain that there are no priority days and no one will be turned back. “Anyone who can take the vaccine, who wants the vaccine, can come and get the vaccine,” they declared.

According to the Ministry of Health, “The public is encouraged to actively participate in phase two of the COVID-19 vaccination programme to create herd immunity, whereby the majority of the population is protected from becoming seriously ill from COVID-19. With herd immunity, it is expected that the country will return to some degree of normality, which will include the facilitation of economic, social and cultural activities and the ease of travel.”

With international pressure mounting on the necessity of the COVID-19 vaccine for social and economic normality, more and more countries are looking at ways to encourage their citizens to vaccinate. Some leisure travel and cruise lines have already hinted at mandatory vaccination for clients and destinations amidst the crushing blow from the COVID pandemic. According to Forbes news, “Most cruises require a vaccine. It appears that the cruise industry will be the first travel sector to make vaccines mandatory for all crew and guests. Each cruise line is setting its own policy. No government laws require a vaccination. These smaller American cruise lines require a vaccine once cruising resumes: American Cruise Lines, American Steamboat Co and UnCruise Adventures” Forbes news continued to state that for now, airlines do not require a vaccine card. However, “In November 2020, Qantas said they would eventually require international flyers to be fully vaccinated to board the plane.” To date, in Antigua and Barbuda there has been no national mandatory vaccine policy, although both the private and public sector have heavily laid support for it as “the way back to normality.”

Internationally, however, it has been reported that a court has laid the framework for possible mandatory polices. According to EURO News, “Delays in deliveries, production bottle necks, exports control, vaccine hesitancy and public feuds with pharmaceutical companies have muddled the first months of Europe’s vaccination campaign against COVID-19. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled last week that compulsory vaccination can be considered ‘necessary in a democratic society.’ The court, which is based in Strasbourg, is the final interpreter of the European Convention on Human Rights and its jurisdiction covers all forty-seven member states of the Council of Europe.”

How do we know that COVID-19 vaccines are safe?

According to the WHO, “There are strict protections in place to help ensure the safety of all COVID-19 vaccines. Before receiving validation from WHO and national regulatory agencies, COVID-19 vaccines must undergo rigorous testing in clinical trials to prove that they meet internationally agreed benchmarks for safety and effectiveness.

Unprecedented scientific collaborations have allowed COVID-19 vaccine research, development, and authorizations to be completed in record time – to meet the urgent need for COVID-19 vaccines while maintaining high safety standards. As with all vaccines, WHO and regulatory authorities will continuously monitor the use of COVID-19 vaccines to confirm that they remain safe for all who receive them.”

Let’s fight COVID-19.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Vaccines safety

Find out more:…/coronavirus-disease-(covid-19…

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COVID-19 Vaccine Card Collection Notice

The general public is reminded that with the completion of Phase 1 of the public COVID-19 vaccination program, all four public vaccination sites (Villa Polyclinic, Glanviles Polyclinic, Sir Novelle Richards Academy, and the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Center) will temporarily cease operation pending the arrival of additional vaccines.

During this interim, the general public is advised that persons who received vaccination at the Villa Polyclinic, Sir Novelle Richards Academy (SNRA), and the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Center can collect their outstanding vaccination cards at the Villa Polyclinic from Tuesday 16th March 2021 to Friday 19th March 2021 between the hours of 9 am to 3 pm. For vaccine card collection, an ID must be presented.

Preregistration for the COVID-19 Vaccine continues. For online registration, please visit and select the “Vaccine Registration” tab. Upon clicking the tab, you will be required to fill out your general information and when completed, click “submit”. Your registration is then completed. Registration hotline numbers are 788-8299, 736-8295, 736-8298, 736-8299, 780-8618, 780-8652, 780-8678 and 780-8461. Pre-registration is vital for efficiency in the next phase of the vaccination process.

Approximately 14,000 COVID-19 Vaccinated as of March 6th 2021

Vaccination sites will open at the All-Saints Secondary School and the Jennings Primary School over the period 8th to 10th March 2021. These three days have been designated exclusively for vaccinating elderly citizens and residents 65 years and older, only.

Health Officials were busy over the weekend preparing both sites for the vaccination program.

Consequently, the vaccination sites at the Glanvilles and Villa Polyclinics will close temporarily for these 3 days.
Citizens and Residents are encouraged to continue preregistering online on or calling the COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline numbers 788-8299, 736-8298, 780-8461, 780-8652, 736-8295, 736-8299, 780-8678, 780-8618.
The vaccination sites in both the Glanvilles and Villa Polyclinics will resume inoculation from 11th March 2021.

Citizens and Residents are urged to observe the established Covid-19 protocols including, the physical distancing requirement and the wearing of masks.

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6 myths about the COVID-19 vaccines — debunked


Wondering whether the vaccines are safe, whether they reduce transmission of the virus, or whether they protect against the new variants? Here’s the evidence behind the vaccines’ safety and efficacy.

By March 1, approximately 50 million U.S. residents had received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. With the pace of vaccinations likely to accelerate rapidly in the coming weeks — Pfizer and Moderna, the makers of the two currently approved mRNA vaccines, have each promised to deliver 100 million doses by the end of March, with Johnson & Johnson providing an additional 20 million — many more U.S. residents will suddenly have access to a vaccine. 

That’s good news, except for the fact that recent polls show a distressing number of people are still uncertain about whether they will get vaccinated when it’s their turn. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll in late February found that 44% of U.S. adults are still on the fence or unlikely to be vaccinated: 22% said they wanted to wait and see how the vaccines are working, 7% would get a vaccine only if it was required of them, and 15% said they definitely would not get vaccinated.

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Antigua and Barbuda’s Vaccination Statistics

Antigua and Barbuda’s Vaccination Statistics
Antigua and Barbuda has taken a giant step in the fight against COVID-19, with the rollout of its AstraZeneca vaccine campaign.
During the period of Wednesday, February 17th and Sunday, February 21, 2021, three hundred and eighty-three (383) persons received their first dose of the vaccine.
 The newly vaccinated included the country’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, other healthcare workers and hospital administrative staff. 
On Thursday, February 18, the campaign continued when members of Cabinet rolled up their sleeves and took the jab before live television and social media audiences. 
On Saturday, February 20, representatives of both the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament availed themselves to be inoculated. They were joined by Antiguan and Barbudan Cricketing legends, including Sir Andy Roberts, Sir Curtley Ambrose and Sir Richie Richardson.
The second dose of the vaccine will be administered in 12 weeks.
In accordance with the list of priority, members of the armed forces are next in line to be vaccinated. 
A registration site for the general public is expected to be announced shortly.
Another shipment of AstraZeneca vaccines will arrive on island by February 28, as part of the COVAX arrangement.       Here is our goal and where we are!
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